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Business Brown Bag Presentation

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At the monthly Research Brown Bags, faculty and invited speakers share research ideas, current research projects, and/or experiences pertaining to research. The speaker will present for 30-35 minutes followed by general discussion. Students, faculty, and business advocates from the community are encouraged to attend. Each session begins at 12:30 pm.

Wed., Nov. 29, 2017

  • Presenter: Dr. Jae-Young Oh, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Affiliation: EKU School of Business; Department of Management, Marketing and International Business
  • Paper title: Facilitator vs. Obstructer in Supplier Integration (SI) for New Product Development (NPD)
  • Author: Dr. Jae-Young Oh
  • Abstract: Supplier integration for new product development brings suppliers into buyer’s NPD processes at the early stage (i.e., early timing) and allows functional units (e.g., engineering) in buying and supplying firms to collaborate without formality and constraint. Prior literature finds inconsistent effects of supplier integration on NPD outcomes (supplier performance). Some scholars argue its positive influence on supplier performance in that supplier involvement at the early NPD stage could lead to lower stoppages, delivery delay, and damages. In contrast, some insists that this involvement does not affect supplier performance per se and rather results in negative influences in that it increases costs and development time. Our interview feedback indicates that the inconsistent results could result from salespersons who constrain engineering communications by adopting internal or external barricading approaches. With internal barricading, salespersons manage and control to ensure that supplier engineers are not directly engaged with buyers without their supervision. Alternately, external barricading involves salespersons’ mandates directed to the buying firm that all buyer communications with the supplier must be routed through the sales function. Drawing from prior literature, we hypothesize that the levels of internal and external barricading weaken the positive effect of the timing of engineer involvement on supplier performance. In other words, the potential benefits attainable through integrative activities such as joint NPD are further diminished as salespersons contain communications between buying firms and their engineers who get involved in the buyer’s NPD process at the early stage. Interestingly, our results show the different effects of internal and external barricading approaches on supplier performance. External barricading weakens the moderating effect of the timing on supplier performance whereas internal barricading strengthens the moderating effect. However, more careful interpretations are required to understand the true effects of these two behaviors.
  • Chair/Organizers: Dr. Ahmed Elnahas and Dr. Philip Boutin

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